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Registering with Parkside

We appreciate that looking for a new job can be a daunting and time consuming process. At Parkside we make sure that we give you all the advice and support you need to make the process as smooth and effective as possible. This step-by-step guide will help to start you on your way.

Step 1 - Why you need to meet with your Parkside Consultant

We believe it is important for us to meet face-to-face. We need to be able to effectively assess your skills and experiences, to identify your career goals, and to evaluate your suitability for different jobs in order to effectively represent you in the best possible light to target companies. The first meeting enables us to do that and starts the process of building a strong professional relationship which will help us together to reach the right career decisions for you.

Step 2 - Preparing for your first meeting with your Parkside Consultant

You should allow approximately one hour for your meeting with your consultant. We will discuss your job search in a face to face interview and we will also require you to do some ability assessments to support your search. Our appointments are booked back to back so please call us if you are unable to attend your appointment or are running late.

Step 3 - What you should bring with you

Please bring the following documentation with you. If you do not bring the documentation requested in 2 and 3, we may be unable to formally register you for work opportunities.

  1. Your CV (please also email this to your consultant prior to your meeting)
  2. You will be asked to provide proof of identification. This can take the form of one of the following together with a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement:
    - Original passport
    - Original birth certificate
    - Original driving licence (with photo)
    - Original previous disclosure certificate
  3. You will also be asked to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the UK. Proof can be one document from List 1 below or a combination of documents from List 2:
    List 1

    - Passport showing British citizenship or right of abode in the UK
    - Passport or National ID Card showing EEC or Swiss citizenship
    - Home Office document or visa endorsing right to stay and right to work in the UK

    List 2
    A document giving permanent NI number (P45, P60, NI Card) PLUS one of the following:
    - Full birth certificate issued in UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland (including names of holder's parents)
    - Certificate of Naturalisation stating holder is British citizen
    - A document issued by the Home Office indicating right to stay and work in the UK
  4. Professional Registration number if you are a member of a Professional Body (e.g. ACA, ACCA, CIMA, ICM, etc)
  5. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of one personal and two professional references
  6. If you would like to be considered for temporary assignments, please also bring:
    - Your bank account details
    - National Insurance number (or a copy of your application for a National Insurance number if relevant)
    - P45 (or you can complete a P46 or P38)

Step 4 - You will be asked to read and sign the following documentation at the start of your meeting

At the time of your meeting you will be asked to do the following;

  • Fully complete and sign our Registration Form
  • Sign and date a Registration Agreement (PAYE or Limited Company status)
  • Sign and date a Contract for Temporary Assignment form (Temporary candidates only, PAYE or Limited Company)

Step 5 - The format of the meeting

  • Your consultant will ask your permission to take your photograph for our files
  • You will be asked to talk through the biographic data and work history of your CV to make sure that we have correctly documented all of your personal details and that we fully understand and can explain any gaps in your employment
  • You may be asked to expand upon your responsibilities and achievements in each of your most recent roles to ensure that we fully understand your personal contribution in each of your previous (and current) jobs
  • You will be asked a number of questions relating to core competencies
  • We will discuss your priorities and needs and you will hear about the clients we work with and the positions we are currently recruiting for
  • At the end of the meeting you will be asked to undertake a short test to assess your core skills
  • Our aim will be for you to leave the meeting with suggestions for specific roles and companies for you to consider

Step 6 - Competency-based questions

During your interview with your consultant you will be asked the following questions so that we can gain evidence of your proficiency in each of six competencies:

  1. Planning and Organising
    Tell me about a successful activity or event that you planned recently. Talk me through the background. How did you approach it? What were your first steps? What specifically did you do to ensure its success? What did you learn about planning as a result of this exercise?
  2. Resilience and Tenacity 
    Describe a situation in which you had to work under pressure. What was the cause of the pressure? How did you feel and react? What impact did this have on your work?
  3. Teamwork
    Tell us about some of the best teams you have work with? What specifically made them good teams? What part did you lay in their success? Can you give some examples of when they really performed well? What learning from these teams do you continue to apply?
  4. Communication
    Tell us about a time recently when you have had to communicate something that was difficult or complicated to get across? What was the message? Who were you communicating to? How did you go about it? What was the outcome?
  5. Decision making
    Tell us about a time when you have had to make a difficult decision? What happened? How did you communicate the decision? How did you display urgency in the process?
  6. Leadership
    Describe a situation where you had to manage an individual or team through a period of change? How did you deal with this? What actions did you take to ensure a smooth transition during this period? What was the outcome of this? What challenges did you face during this period? How did you manage these?

Step 7 - After the meeting

Your consultant will agree an action plan with you including the method and frequency of ongoing communication. We understand the importance of communicating feedback and will make sure that you are fully briefed and debriefed on any job interviews, providing guidance on how to make the best impression at interview. We will also give you advice about our free training facilities if you need to brush up on any of your skills.